Who is SMART?

S.M.A.R.T. Association, Inc. (SMART) develops and enhances permission-based marketing systems and operations for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers partner with SMART to help leverage their privacy compliance activities to create a uniform service recovery tool and build a marketing asset. SMART brings strategies to providers that assist them in growing revenues and building relationships in their community while helping meet current patient privacy concerns and the requirements of the law.

How SMART Benefits Providers

SMART is an expert in the area of developing, implementing and enhancing permission-based marketing systems for healthcare. Providers turn to SMART for speed, efficiency in lowering their costs and reducing their learning curve to achieve their marketing goals. SMART clients obtain immediate access to a team of professionals and a host of vendors who are trained to provide prompt and accurate results.

Why Healthcare Must Enable Real Identity Management

SMART Chip Technology The Future Of Medical Management

What are SMART cards?

Smart cards are credit card-sized pieces of plastic that are embedded with computer chips that can securely store information, serve as a source for cashless financial transactions, and provide a myriad of other services. In the most simplistic terms, a Smart card is a portable mini-computer that can be programmed to do almost anything a regular computer can do. In fact, today’s Smart cards have the technical capabilities as a desktop computer that was made in 1996.

For more information on smart cards in healthcare, please visit LifeMed (www.lifemedid.com).

What are the benefits of SMART card technology?:

For virtually any hospital, Smart cards offer the following advantages, which can be translated into meaningful, measurable returns, including:

  • Enhancing and streamlining the patient registration and admissions process.

  • Providing patient information that is accurate, portable, and updateable.

  • Facilitating access to patient information in emergency situations by “first responders”.

  • Fomenting a stronger relationship between the hospital, its providers, and the local emergency services.

  • Creating marketing and patient-loyalty advantages for hospitals relative to other competitors within the local market.

SMART Products & Services

Virtual Support

Providing virtual office support and member services.

CRM Software

Offering complete marketing management software.

Merchant Discounts

Creating local merchant discounts for members.

Marketing Collateral

Launching membership CRM strategies.

ER and First Response

Improving data accuracy for ER & first responders.

Patient Admissions

Streamlining patient admissions.